Slides for Sept 15th

Fur3 slides close 2
Here are just a few of the 200+ slides we painted and gelled the week before the recent Further event on September 15th at the Portico Gallery with Markey Funk and The Karminsky Experience Inc. Some of these were for the ‘O Is For Orange’ audio visual set and some specifically for our guest artists who were given them to keep after the gig. It’s very hard to capture the beautiful luminescence of the colours in these, we’ll post some shots from the gig with them in context next.

Fur3 slides x 4Karminsky slides Fur3 slides x 4.4 Fur3 slides close 1Fur3 slides x 4.3Fur3 slides x 4.2 Fur3 slides Fur3 slides x 4.5 Markey Funk slides