Further 3 at the Portico Gallery – by Warm Glow Photo

Further 15th Sept-logoWarmGlow
Many thanks to West Norwood local, Anna Hindocha of Warm Glow Photo for coming down at the last moment to shoot for us at on Sept 15th at the Portico Gallery. She managed to capture the ambience of the night in still form and convey the luminescence of the slides perfectly. Pictured below are Markey Funk, DJ Food and The Karminsky Experience Inc. amongst the projections at various stages during the night.

Further 15th Sept-21WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-84WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-78WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-70WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-7WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-59WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-133WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-58WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-34WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-32WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-26WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-18WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-142WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-16WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-141WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-140WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-136WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-122WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-131WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-125WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-104WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-102WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-100WarmGlowFurther 15th Sept-91WarmGlow